Geophysical methods
for petroleum exploration

Ore-bearing structure definition
Resource evaluation



 shale gas prospecting;

magnetotelluric surveys MT

Detecting rock voids and cavities
Sinkholes hazard assessment


Magnetotelluric surveys
geothermal exploration



PBG carries out ERT electrical resistivity method surveys for highways construction (Poland) >>>more

JUNE 2017
LUCKY8TV is filming in Poland (Owl Mountains) an episode related to Project Riese and Walbrzych gold train; footage of geophysical surveys conducted by PBG’s team are shot for DISCOVERY SCIENCE CHANNEL >>>more

MAY 2017
We have joined the research groups exploring the zone of 65th km of Wrocław-Wałbrzych line  and searching for Walbrzych gold train; currently gravity and magnetic measurement are focused primarily on recognition geological structure; recorded anomalies will allow to indicate underground empty structures, that can be next identified as underground tunnels >>>more

MAY 2017
Magnetotelluric surveys for water resources exploration (western Bulgaria); works were realized for HPC AG >>>more

MAY 2017
ERT resistivity tomography & EM conductivity geophysical inspection of the bottom of an artificial water reservoir Losien for leaks detection

MAY 2017
Microgravity meaurements for sub-surface mining cavities mapping (Upper Silesia mining area, Poland)

APRIL  2017
GPR ground penetrating radar surveys on the fuel terminal area prior to digging

PBG Ltd. carries out VES surveys for mineral water exploration (SW Poland); works have been commissioned by Żywiec Zdrój SA, the producer of mineral and spring water

PBG is a sponsor of the V Polish Geothermal Congress (Mszczonów, Poland)  >> read more

PBG completed geophysical sozology surveys for Non-Ferrous Metal Works HMN Szopienice (Poland); from the beginning of 2014 PBG conducted regular spectrometric and geophysical VES electrical surveys at the post-zinc landfill and its area for monitoring the landfill reclamation process and the state of the environment

PBG participated in The 23rd Electromagnetic Induction Workshop - EMIW2016 (Thailand)

MAY 2016
PBG participates in 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Vienna 

APRIL 2016
PBG carries out GPR ground penetrating radar surveys in the area of  Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum (Oświęcim, Poland) 

PBG  participates in the conference and workshop on "Integrated Imaging of the Earth" (Geological Society of London) 


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