Geophysical methods
for petroleum exploration

Ore-bearing structure definition
Resource evaluation



 shale gas prospecting

Detecting mining excavations 
Microgravity surveys


Magnetotelluric surveys
geothermal exploration


PBG provides gravity and magnetotelluric investigations - to supplement seismic prospecting for oil and gas. We also recommend gravity & MT to be applied as reconnaissance surveys to design seismic surveys, especially in the areas of complicated geological structure. Investigations are based on non-invasive, fast and effective measurements of Earth’s natural fields.


  • geophysical reconnaissance surveys in the areas newly opened for hydrocarbon exploration 
  • detailed gravity & MT  (and/or magnetic) to point out perspective structures and trace reservoir & source rock formations
  • integrated interpretation to evaluate hydrocarbon structures and propose drilling sites location 
  • field surveys, along with geodesy / GPS surveying
  • geophysical data processing & interpretation
  • modelling, visualization, 2D/3D inversion
  • integrated interpretation
  • reinterpretation of archival data
  • profesional advisory services

Magnetotelluric method uses measurements of natural, variable electromagnetic field on Earth’s surface to determine electric resistivity distribution in the rock formations. Reservoir rocks being oil and gas collectors have higher resistivity (lower conductivity) than neighboring formations.

Application of  gravity method to oil and gas prospecting consists in location and recognition of geological structures that can be hydrocarbons traps. Gravity method detects and measures variations in the Earth’s gravity field. Variations are associated with the changes of rock density. Some geological structures causes anomalies (disturbances) in normal density distribution. Application of gravity method consists in calculation of gravity anomalies; that brings the idea on depth and size of the bodies causing these anomalies.  





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